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How to earn money From YouTube Videos

Now a days, YouTube is very popular among the people of the world, no matter from where you are, you’ll find each and every tutorial on YouTube, but the question is how YouTube earn from this and how the people post videos to YouTube Earn money?



The simple Answer is that, YouTube belong to the Google Which Earn Money from the advertising on it’s videos.

Then How these people can earn money from YouTube videos, if Google gets all the money from advertising on the videos?

Have you ever saw some links in the video description of the YouTube Video ?

Many people use this Method to Earn from the YouTube, which is link shorten service. There are many sites which provide link shorten services, but some of them will pay you the number of time people click on that link.

Now you are thinking, How?

These Link shorten services Advertise on the Links which are shorten by you. The Best and authentic till now which Pays more than any other service is known as ADFLY. I recommend adfly more because they are old reliable.

Another Method many people prefer is of Google adsense which pays more then any other company till now, this company has some terms and condition you should have to follow before you apply for this program. You first need to have 5000 video views to apply for this program, but once your application is approved then you can earn more than adf.ly.

You would like to read how to Get your adsense account approved.

But the Easiest way to to earn money is of adf.ly. You just need to do is sign up for that and shorten the link for your video which has been uploaded to your YouTube account and then share that link with others to have some Traffic to your videos. you can also post some shorten links to the video description, with some interesting tittles so many people can click to that link and you can earn money.



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