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How To Use Whatsapp On Windows PC or MAC Using BlueStacks

Whats app is a popular Smartphone app which allows you to send messages ,pictures,videos to the contacts without any charges.whats app is a famous messenger which let you create separate groups for your family ,friend …. and let you share data with them.

This app is available for Android, I phone,Blackberry and Symbian devices but if you don’t have any smart phone,you can still use this app on your PC or MAC after installing the  BluseStacks.

Android is the leading mobile OS.Android OS have million of different apps based on different categories.The main reason of the popularity of this OS is wide range of applications and games.These games and applications are with .apk extension and new smart phones prefer Android os as it covers a large mobile market shares.



BluseStacks is an Android emulator which lets you run Whatsapp and 100s of other apps on you PC or MAC.This emulator runs on all versions of Windows with some specific requirements.


Step by Step Guide to install the BlusStacks  for PC or MAC

Download the BlueStacks app from the following link



After completing the installation open the app and you will get the screen like below.



Now follow these steps to add the whatsapp maually in your apps list

*click on the search icon on the top right of the bluestacks screen

*tap the “Whatsapp” in search column and click on ‘find’


*Apps  related to Whatsapp will appear on the screen ,Click on install next to ‘ Whatsapp’ and then it will ask you a app store to download the app from,Choose any and the app will starts downloading.

*once the whatsapp is downloaded successfully,Go to MyApps and click on Whatsapp.

*You will be asked to enter the Country and Phone number,Enter the both to confirm the details



After providing all the necessary details you will be able to create an account and can add contacts .


This is how you can use Whatsapp on your PC or MAC, And now you can send and receive messages and pics on whatsapp through your computers.if you have any problems in uploading or sharing pics and data on whatsapp here is how you can solve it.

How to share Windows Data (pictures/videos/text files etc) from Whatsapp in BlueStacks

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  1. Hi,

    I am getting some trouble while running whatssapp in bluestack.
    When I am clicking on “add contact”, it is giving error “Application Failure detected, please try again”… suggest me any solution.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. you may contact us for any suggestions.

    • hey i downloaded the application but unable to add contacts in my laptop, please assist me out!!!
      please share me the steps/ procedure if any to be considered to add contacts.

  3. Vijay Balaji says:


    I am getting some trouble while running whatssapp in bluestack.
    When I am clicking on “Gallery”, it is giving error “Application Failure detected, please try again”… suggest me any solution.

    • Click on the BlueStacks icon in the Windows systray, then click on “Report Problem” to send log files for analysis, after sometime they will send you the updated file. it will resolve the issue. Also go to the blue stack help forum.. They will help you.

  4. bro i am stuck at entering mobile no. itz showing network not available,even-though my pc is connected to internet

    • check if the number is right and donot put any 0’s if there are in the starting of your mobile number
      also reboot your BlueStacks and check if it is the latest version of whatsapp or not

  5. Hi,
    If I have whats app on my iphone, can I still use the same number on my mac at the same time as I am using it on my iphone.

  6. I don’t get it, has Whatsapp changed the verification procedure? Because I cannot get it to work using these instructions…
    After I provide country code and phone number into WA running in Bluestacks on my Win7 machine, I receive the SMS on my phone which says: “WhatsApp code 357-235″.
    But I don’t see any way for me to type that code into the WA in Bluestacks.
    The WA on Bluestack just times out after a few minutes and says verification failed.

    • I think you might be using an old version of WA or Blue stacks, Please Check for the updates, if available then update and then run WA.


      • Thank you.
        I eventually did get a button in the WA in Bluestacks for verification by phone.
        So I got a robotic call on my cell-phone that spoke the code number, which I entered into the WA in Bluestacks, and it worked.

        The main problem, however, is that the phonebook in Bluestacks doesn’t seem to support GoogleSync.

  7. the app is working fine….but having problems uploading photos….dnt know where to upload…cant find any option….

  8. I couldn’t find whatsapp!

    I’m using Mac.

    • Have you installed Bluestacks on your Mac. If no, then please install that into your Mac, and then find whatsaap apk on google play. using bluestacks.


    • type Whatsapp in the search box ,it will pop up then download it using one of the app stores and you are done.now whatsapp will appear eachtime u start the bluestacks.

      • i write whatsapp in search box but its nt giving any responce

        • Download and install bluestacks then open it and there will be a search bar on the top right of bluestacks app homepage , there u need to search the app you want to install on bluestacks and once the app is installed it will always appear in ‘ my apps ‘ list .

  9. Whatsapp is working fine in bluestacks.But having problems uploading photos….dont know where to upload…cant find any option….

  10. Dhanesh says:

    whatsapp is working all fine in my pc but mate can u plez let me know how can i update to newer version of whatsapp or from wer can i get notifications to update it??
    thanx in adavnce..

    • Dhanesh bluestacks is same like an android phone, if you have enabled auto update while installing from google play then it will automatically update your Whats app. otherwise you have to do it manually.

  11. I nw hv whatsapp on my bluestacks but how do I download it

  12. Hi, I’ve installed Bluestack (running on Mac) and it seems to work fine but when i did the search for Whatsapp, it went on searching and didnt show anything. Ive tried downloading whatsapp for android but bluestack cant open it. (when i clicked ‘open with’ it doesnt allow me to open with Bluestack). Help please! thanks

    • Hi,
      You have to install it, how you do it on android phone, I mean you have to download and install What’s App on bluestacks. If it’s not working please check your internet or the RAM you have provided to your emulator.
      Please let me know if your problem is solved. Keep Visiting BetaTutorials.com

  13. I am using bluestacks beta 1 for windows 7 . Its irritating me to press enter button from the mouse. PLZ let me knw the shortcut from the keyboard.

    • I found Bluestacks doesn’t support Enter key.. However some applications like “whatapp” can send a msg by enter key. Open whatapp > click on show menu icon (left hand side) > click settings>chat preference > tick on topmost line ..

      Enjoy sending msgs by pressing enter key..
      But the same is not available in VIBER

  14. hi Sam,

    im using lapop not a tab so please share me how to add contacts of my friens as im not getting any option to proceed.

    • Hi ankur,

      Click on the settings menu, there you will find contacts option click to open that menu, then again click on the menu button and select add contact/new contact option and provide the required information to add contacts.

      Note: you will find menu button on the bottom left side of bluestacks, after the arrow/back button.

  15. Hi.
    Hoping for a little advice please. I’ve been usining WhatsApp through Bluestacks on my laptop for some time now, but after an update a while ago I stopped receiving the on-screen notifications that used to let me know when I’d received a new message. It was useful and very convenient when you had your audio muted. It disappeared suddenly, directly after the update which gave us the facility to press the enter key to send messages some months ago. Was this planned by the coders and meant to happen? Or did something go awry on my update which made it disappear somehow? I would have much preferred the onscreen new message notification than to have the enter key message sending facility. Is there a way I can get the onscreen notifications back? My WhatsApp has also taken to crashing and closing itself randomly quite often in the last few months too. It has just happend again which prompted me to check for a solution to this and hopefully to also solve the lack of visible notifications

    I’m hoping somebody can advise on this.

    Thanks in advance

    • Please Can your specify the RAM of your laptop, it mostly occurs when you have less memory in your system. or you can try some anti virus scan, if you have some virus in your system, if nothing works, then try reinstalling the bluestacks in your system and then WhatsApp.

      For notifications check the settings, there must be wrong with your whatsapp’s settings

  16. How to download photos and videos in whatsapp via bluestacks?

  17. I have downloaded whatsapp but then I dont find any option to add contacts… Its synching wid my gmail account but I dont have contacts in there. Or do I have to upload all the contacts on my Gmail acc… Is there no other option for adding contacts to bluestacks Beta 1 directly?

  18. NgSiufung says:

    i can’t find anything in bluestacks

    /Users/ngsiufung/Desktop/螢幕快照 2014-04-28 上午11.19.35.png

  19. kezia shalin says:

    as iam new to whatsapp in bluestack can you please tell me what can i do to change my status? i dont get the ‘menu’ option.

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