6 Amazing Tips and Trick for Apple iOS 7 Beta Version [Features Only]

By | July 8, 2013

iOS 7 is full of amazing things. Today I thought to look whats inside it. The features which were not in the previous iOS 6. I saw a buch of features which were so amazing and also the new Android look is way better than the mirror graphics of previous iOS 6.In this version of iOS7 i pointed out a few features which i like them the most. This article is only about the features of it. So here it goes.



Manually Update Your Apps: 


Just save your iPhone memory  by simply check the automatic updates off. Now you are ready to go. I dont know if people like it or not but it gives me freedom to do whatever i want to do. In upcoming Full version of iOS7 there will be the list of apps which you want to update automatically.

Enable Dynamic Text Size In Apps That Support It



Font size will be adjusted. Now no more zoom in or out. You can also set a limit to define that whenever there is a content, Its size will be the same.

Force Quit Apps When Multitasking



Only iPhone App Developer will love this thing because you have to manage the memory while testing the app. It a great function but a copied one from android. force quit is the best function android ever built. In this you can only close the app which you want them to close. It not like a CCleaner which will destroy all of those running apps.

Set The Preferred Directions Type For Maps:


In Apple’s Maps app, which debuted in iOS 6, you’ve always been able to set the volume of the voiced directions, choose whether you want to use mile or kilometer units, and set your Map Labels to Always English or not.

If you compare the iOS 7 with iOS 6 you will see some big changes in the look and user  interface ,which makes the new update different.

Use A Panorama As Your Lock Screen, Wallpaper, Or Both:


File this one under super cool! In previous incarnations of iOS, you’ve always been able to set a photo from your camera roll as the image that shows up on your iPhone or iPad screen. You can place one image on your lock screen, and one as your wallpaper, or the same image on both screens.

Be Handy – Use The Compass:


The new iOS 7 beta, however, has given me some functionality I’m much more likely to need and use. Heck, I even have a third-party app to make sure my handyman projects around the house aren’t crooked.

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