What is the Difference between iOS 6 and iOS 7- Comparison: iOS 6 vs iOS 7

By | July 9, 2013

Apple has recently announced the iOS 7,with some new features and modification.Those of you hoping for the radical redesign won’t be disappointed.

But how different is iOS 7 from iOS6 ?Take a look at our side by side comparison of  pictures of these two iOS to see just what the difference just new update makes.

Comparing Home Screen : iOS 6 vs iOS 7.



Common Apps in iOS 6 vs iOs 7 :

iOS 7 really starts to shine when you look at the apps individually and their changes.The main focus is on simplification.

Notification center before and after.


Messages  before and after


Siri gets a new UI.


Weather new iOS 7 weather app is beautiful



Multitasking shown before and after is so different.


Mail redesign is mostly just simplificationmail-ios-6-vs-7


Difference in icons iOS 6 vs iOS 7 :




User interface elements, iOS 6 vs iOS 7 :


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Overall iOS 7 has an impressive look. Lean how To install and update to iOS 7 in this article. thanks for visiting BETATUTORIALS.

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  1. Kertina

    Really apple company should find a solution for FM radio specially for those of us no access to internet


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